Third Contest Participants Name 2017, Best Celebration Ideas Event

July 24, 2017

Third Contest Participants Name 2017, Best Celebration Ideas Event– The most special way to celebrate Friendship Day would be hold a party for our new friends and old and have a blast. However, this idea needs a little planning and effort as we need to decide where to party, how to party, what to include in menu, what to play on the jukebox so on and so forth. Third Contest Participants name 2017 will be announced soon.Candidates will stay tuned with us to get more details.

Third Contest Participants Name: Wow friends we are thinking that you are enjoying our contest. We are so glad that we get such a huge response on our events. As you all know first and second contest of the friendship day celebration has successfully completed with huge responses and we are also declared the name of the winners on our facebook page. Yesterday we organized the third contest named as “Best Celebration Idea”.

We all celebrated friendship day with our friends so you all just need to share an idea for Friendship day celebration with your buddies and the best idea will win exciting prizes. So friends we get lots of idea which we are going to share on our web page Third Contest Participants Name with their celebration idea.

Third Contest Participants Name 2017:Third Contest Participants Name

Here we are publishing celebration ideas which are participants share with us on our facebook page under “Best Celebration Ideas” event. Here we are share Third Contest Participants Name with their idea. The event was organized on 27th July 2017 and winner name will be announced today on 28th July 2017 at 5:00 P.M.


Ravi Soni:

A great way to celebrate Friendship Day in a memorable way would be make an album of my most intimate and special moments spent together. This can also be the most touching Friendship Day activity for us and our friend as it will help me and my friends to rewind and relive time-tested bonding.

. Once that’s done, I will call up my buddies and just have fling ! That’s my plan to celebrate a valuable friendship day

Megha Khandelwal:

i want to invite my all friends from school, play school, colz, colleagues and other who have special place in my heart in a adventurer place. to take a adventurer experience with them to make my friendship day more memorable and happening.

Zoya Singh:

If you are a party animal then you can try for Party wid your friends In Disc or pub with Lots of Drinks and food, a proper hangover with best buddies.

Er Aditi Sharma:

I wish to go to an Children NGO On Friendship Day with my Friends(if interested) and enjoys the whole day with those Children with Fun activities and distribute some Junk food like Pizza, Burger, Cold Drink to Them. Yes i know junk food is unhealthy but we all love these foods then y not these children enjoy Pizzas and burgers?? (Aur Haan Ek Din Me Kuch Ni hota).

Versha Devnani

Make a short film

If you have spent a long time with your friend and have garnered copious lovable moments. This is one of the best ideas to celebrate friendship day in college and social gatherings. Collect the pictures of the days and events when you have relished various perky and cheesy moments with your friends and bind them in the form of a short movie. You can play this in your college before all your friends and rejuvenate your friendship.

Narendra Singh:

Devote a Song
This is an awesome concept. Contact up a stereo place and dedicate a music to friendship day and to your buddies. Your buddies will be amazed to listen to their titles on the stereo. Now-a-days you can deliver information to your buddy through newspaper or music channels. Many major newspapers post a unique web page for this objective. If you are a excellent author you can create a poetry for your buddies and get it released in the paper.

Preeti Chahar:

Call your closest friends for a sleepover party at your home. Rent some movie CD’s to watch whole night. Arrange for pizza, pop corns, soft drinks, burgers and all sort of unhealthy food. Watch movies for the whole night and enjoy yourself.

Preeti Singh:

I am share how you can celebrate this year friendship day party with your friends. Every year you can enjoy friendship day with your friends. So this year try something different and make friendship day memorable. You can organize theme party on this year friendship day. So this year organize celebrities’ theme party. This year throw an entirely different Friendship Day party with celebrities theme. For this party you can make a glittery invitation card. You can ask your guests that they have to dress up like the celebrity of their choice. With the help of this, you would see a lot of variety in the party. If you want to make the occasion more interesting so for that you can arrange a competition. You can organize the game in which everyone should imitate the celebrity whom they have chosen for their get up for the party. This way, you will get to know the popular choices of your friends. So wish you very happy friendship day 2017. Wish you good luck so that you can successfully organized this party for your friends and enjoy harder with them.


 These are Third Contest Participants Name with their celebration ideas.

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