Fifth Contest Participants Name 2017, Dream Of Your Friend & How You Help Them To Achieve Event

July 24, 2017

Fifth Contest Participants Name: In our life we all have some small or big dream and to achieving the success friends always play an important role. So yesterday contest was about your Friend’s Dream and your role in his / her success.We get huge response on our events which we was organized till now. Yesterday on 29th July 2017 we organized fifth contest which was “Dream of your Friend & How you help them to achieve”. 

Fifth Contest Participants Name 2017:Fifth Contest Participants Name

Here on this page we are sharing “Dream of your Friend & How you help them to achieve” fifth contest participants name. In fifth contest participants were tell us about their friends dream and how they will help him / her for achievements of their dream. The event was organized on 29th July 2017 and winner name will be announced today on 30th July 2017 at 5:00 P.M.

Name of the Participants of Fifth Event:

Er Aditi Sharma:

My friend’s dream to become an entrepreneur, I will help her at every stage where she needs me I appreciate her ideas nd always support her decisions…

Indu Rajawat:

Everyone is talking participate in these events then y I should not…. today m sharing some interesting things about me n my frnds dreams…all though there is a lot of words to write about my friends n our friends bcz when u live together since a long time approx 8 years…. our dreams are same… targets same… we always wanted a career through which we can decorate our life with interesting achievements n these achievements can give something worthy to others.. …now we have a business with lots of new targets ….we make targets n achieve them …now my frnd Megha Khandelwal has a dream of own restaurant ..megha we would have our own restaurant one day …. yaar you have a lot of dreams…. the one of m sharing here…. although we will make our all dreams come true so that we can spend our old age with these golden memories of colorful life… ya one more thing we will go for world tour.

Diya Jain:

My friend dream is to open an NGO so that she can serve our society…. n i will always support her to make her dream come true….

So winner name will be announced today on 30th July 2017 at 5:00 P.M on our facebook page.

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