Famous Dialogues That Will Make You Realize The Importance Of Friends

July 27, 2017

Dialogues That Will Make You Realize The Importance Of Friends: Life without a Best Friends will be like food without salts & spices. No one like to eat boiled food for their whole life, everyone need spices in their food. Similarly, to make life species everyone needs a Best Friend Forever to whom they can be complete their self’s and comfortably share each and every little detail of our life. Here we share Some Famous Dialogues which shows the importance of friends in our life.

We make lots of friends in our life, some stay in our life for short time, some stay for long time, some we forget and some are even fake. After that there are some friends who stay forever with us and whom we share our comfort zone and they become Best Friend Forever (BFF) & results into an epic friendship.

Famous Dialogues:Famous Dialogues

Friendship is the relation on the earth where you can speak anything without even thinking twice. You can use every foulest word with friends like teri maa ki, teri bhen ki, chor, kamina and gan** etc.

Friends are an important part of our lives & the most helpful species on the planet without them we can’t think our life. You need friends everywhere from getting a chaddi from the market to buying a gift for your girlfriend every time we need friends.

Here are some amazing famous dialogues by friends that show how important they are in your lives:

  1. Highly frustrated by boss

 friendship importnat dialogues

 Tera Boss bhadia hai, mera wala to ek dum chu***a hai.

 2. No money. This happened a lot to me. LOL

 famous friends dilaogue

Bhai aj yu paise de de, pocket money ate hi vapsh kr dunga mummy kasam.

 3. For people who stayed away from their hometown

friendship dialogues 

Tere room par aa rha hu yr, Bread makhan pda hai kya.

  1. Where are your clothes??

 dilaogues by friends

Yr teri T-shirt dede Flying Machine wali, kl shadi m jana h.


  1. If the class topper is your friend.

 famous friendship dialogues

Abe oye saale kb pdana suru krega, agke hafte se exam chalu h.

        6. For a friend who never had a girlfriend.

 famous dialogues by friends

Bhai teri Bandhi h to HOT, Uski kisi friend se setting krwa de.

      7 .Petrol finished. LOL.

 importance of friends

Bhai petrol khatam ho gya bike m, aja 2 litre petrol le kr Akshardham ke samne.

8. When a friend has a nice flat.

 friends importance dialogues

Yr tera room khali h kya, bandi ko lana hai.



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