Common Dialogues Friends Share, Popular Dialogues Used By Friends

July 24, 2017

Popular Dialogues By Friends In IndiaEach friend is different & every friendship is also different. But there are some things common in every ones friendship. There are some classic lines which are always exchanged between every group of friends at some point or the other. So today on the occasion of friendship day we will go to share such common dialogues friends share in India which are surely you have used in your conversation with friends sometime or the other.

Relations of the friends are different, so don’t you think friendship has a different way of communication. The dialogues that you say to your friends, you can’t say that dialogues to anyone else. Yes, they are brutally lovable and honest. Friends show their love and care with the dialogues. World is celebrating Friendship Day on 7th August 2016. In India, Friendship Day is also celebrated in large scale. Usually in India teenagers and youngsters celebrated this day. On this day they can show their affection to their best buddies. These common dialogues friends share in India normally show their love and their friendship bond.

Common Dialogues Friends Share in India Common Dialogues Friends Share

However, the best part of the life is the way that can we used when we talks to our friends. The informal way of talking and exchanging dialogues which are filled with slangs is the way to show how much we love them.

Below on this page we are sharing some common dialogues that friends share in India in their day-to-day life.

Dialogues Used By Friends:

Now here we are share some such type of common dialogues which are used by every one. So you can read these Common Dialogues Friends Share In India.  I can bet, you can also used these common dialogues in your conversation.

  • After you are drunk


Bhai, Bhai hain Tu mera Bhai

  • When you see your best friend after a long time


Kahan Marr Gaya Tha?

  • When you know he is trying to crack a joke


Bhai, Tu Rehne De, Tujse Na Ho Payega

  • When your friend stops hanging out with you


“Ladki Kya Mil Gai Bhai Ko Bhool Gya

  • When you see a girl and ask each of your friends


Dekha Dekha, Mast Hain Na” Or “Woh Bandi Hot Thi Na?”

  • When you are at home, and your friends are calling you why have you not reached the theater or any other places


Bhai 10 minute, Bas Pahuch Raha Hoon, Bohot Traffic Hain

  • When one of your friends is complaining of somebody


“Tu Bas Naam Bata, Kal Uthwa Denge Saale Ko” or “Bass Tu Naam Bata, Fir Mein Dekhta Hun

  • When you know you created a mess and want your best buddy to support you


Sun, maine usko ye bola hai, toh tu bhi ye hi boliyo.”

  • When all of you meet after ages


Yaad Hain wo Jab Hum School Mein The….”

  • When your friend’s parents call you to ask where he is


Arey Ghar se call hain tere, kya bolu Saale?

  • One of your friends who never came on time


Saale tu hmesha wait krata hai

  • An adjective used in every sentence


Pagel Hai Kya

  • Damn irritation when you are waiting outside a friend’s house


Saale Phone Kyu Liya Agar Uthana Nahi Hota Hai To

  • When someone don’t know how to get things done


Tu rehne De Bhai,  “Tujhe Kuch Pata Bhi Hai”

  • When someone’s driving too slowly


Abbey Tez Chala Le Bhai” or “Saale Car Chala Rha Hai Ki “Bail- Gaari! Thoda Tez Chala Le”

  • For bullshit jokes


Pakaa Matt Yaar

  • This is for all friends


Mein Tujhe Chutiya Lagta Hoon Kya Bey

  • When your friend get job


Chal Daaru Pila

  • When your friend get salary


Kya Baat Hai Bhai, Bada Aadmi Ban Gaya Tu Toh

  • When you share your secret with your best buddy

20 - Copy

Sun, Kisi Ko Bataiyo Matt..

  • When you are in canteen with your friends


Sun,  Iss Baar Tu Pay Karde Bhai. Next Time Main Kar Dunga

  • Gossips of others


Yeh Kya Pehna Hai?

  • When you are standing outside the your friend house


Abbey Darwaza Khol, Mein Baahar Khada Hoon

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